Monday, March 01, 2010

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What is a Resort Spa?
A resort spa is a place where you can enjoy spa treatments while staying overnight. While a destination spa offers an overall immersion in healthy living and an opportunity for personal transformation, resort spas are more about providing a relaxing, pampering experience for people staying at the resort.
Resort spas come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from small privately owned inns like to the lavish, over-the-top
resort spas in Hawaii. It's good to do your research before you go. You don't want to find out the "spa" is a hot tub, or one treatment room off the gym.
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Spa etiquette:

Hot stone massage:

It must be really relaxing to visit one of these resorts. Here you have some information about Spa resorts, Spa etiquette and Hot stone massage in spas.
Do you have more information about spas, what they have to offer?
Do you know other types of resort?
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  1. I have never been in a spa...

    I have heard to talk about "Caldea" in Andorra. People say that Caldea is the best Spa in Spain....
    It offers to you treatments like massages, chocotherapy, anti-cellulite and hydrothermal treatment services, and too much other treatments.

    Sometimes, to go to the spa has a lot of health benefits like, for example, to improve blood flow and circulation, it relieves symptons of muscular tension and many other pains and injuries; promotes relaxion, invigorates your skin, eliminates the stress and helps you to sleep better.

    This is wellness, your mind and body's benefit...

    Rocío Rueda Navarro

  2. Well done, Rocío, you've "done your homework" looking for this useful vocabulary!! It will make your writing exercises richer and easy to read. Fine!
    What about the rest of our readers?

  3. Hello Rocío,

    I know well Caldea because I live in Andorre since 10 years. Caldea is a good spa, but it isn't the best, it's only one more that we could find in Andorra. There is another one in the country, the Sport Hotels Resort & Spa, that it makes also Resort, it's the biggest one in Andorra and relatively recent. It's near the lift sky, for people who practise this sport. for another that only want to relax, they can find a lot of services.
    For more information:

    It's worth to visit, only for seeing the fantastic decor.
    Best Regards

  4. Hi Nati!

    Thank you for your information!

    Rocío Rueda

  5. I love this kind of tourism; I have visit severals, and I always wanto come back.

  6. I agree with Anonymous, once you tried any treatment and you realise after it you feel relaxed you really want to come back. I have a cervical injury and spas' treatments really helps me.

    Belén López

  7. Wow, it looks amazing!!! I have never been in Caldea but I spent a weekend in the Vals Therme Spa in Switzerland. Wonderful.

    Just the building alone is amazing. The architect Peter Zumthor has gotten many awards over the years.... and everuthing in an awesome landscape.

    I am leaving the link to the website... as this is a place that I highly recommend.

  8. By the way I forgot to post my name.... sorry, first post on the blog ;-)

    Kind Regards,

    María D. Martínez-Esquerdo

  9. I usually go at the spa called Thalasso Center, in San Pedro del Pinatar. It is a very good spa, It treat people as thalassotherapy centre (baths, showers, mud/seaweed applications, and so on), using spring water.
    When I go to the Thallasso and I enjoy of its treatment, I stay really relaxed and my body thanks you. It has a lot benefits.
    I recommend you enjoy it sometime.

    King regards.
    Juan Pérez Costa

  10. Maite Donoso Sáez3/10/2010 11:56:00 pm

    Hello everybody!

    I've also never been in a SPA, and after reading all you said about them I want to go right now!

    The only thing that (at the moment) I know about SPA is the meaning of those letters. I know it because one time an italian teacher explained it in a lesson: SPA comes from the initial letters of SALUTE PER L'ACQUA, then, as you can imagine "Health through the water". Italian people started to use this "word" to relaunch the old health resorts in Italy, at the same time that they were offering new amenities and treatments...and seems that they got a great success because nowadays everybody use this word :)

  11. Oh! It's very interesting...

    Rocío Rueda

  12. Rocío Rilo - C.A. A Coruña3/15/2010 07:32:00 pm


    I've recently been to "Hesperia Isla de La Toja Spa and Thermal Club" with my boyfriend.

    It was our first anniversary last 19th March and we wanted to celebrate it with a relaxing weekend at a spa.

    We enjoyed a bath with medicinal-mineral water in a hydromassage pool where the water was at body temperature in order to activate blood circulation.

    After hydromassage, we tried the leisure circuit where we experienced water in all its forms: swimming pools with sea water, swan necks, jacuzzi, sauna, etc.

    We finished the evening in the Relaxing Room with thermic sofas. It's a room with large windows overlooking the sea where the thermic sofas are at 40 degrees... we almost fell asleep! :P

    We stayed overnight at the four-star hotel which has direct access to the spa. Next morning, we ordered room service for breakfast -a delicious continental one!-

    (Did you know there's also a pillows' menu? Most of Hesperia Hotels have it.)

    Do not hesitate in spending a day at Isla de La Toja Hotel & Spa whenever you travel to Galicia. You won't regret it!