Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Yes, it's Halloween again. Next Saturday exactly!
Every year it is more and more popular in our country. There are parties for adults eveywhere and children also do some crafts and activities at school, at least for their English class.
You can have a look at our last's year post as well.
Give us your impressions on this: whether you like it or not, if you see it as just part of other cultures, tell us about your costume if you are going to wear it, if you know its origins, if you have found a gorgeous page about Halloween crafts, cooking or make up...
Use a search engine or a browser if you want, and read more and see pics about it.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Mixxer- Improving oral competence through Internet

Thinking about improving oral skills in an autonomous way? During this course, we will try to propose project and new way to practice communicative skills, but also, there are possibilities on the web to do it on you one if you want to begin now.

Just one thing, if you decide to do it using any of the ways suggested here, let us know by adding a comment here, so that we could take it into account in your final score.

The only think you have to do in order to find a partner to practice is installing Skype , having ready a mike and headphones/speakers and register in the website:

If you want to record your conversations, so that we teachers, could have some feedback or evidence of your work, try using this application: or even Audacity .

Let us know using comments if you like or not this tool!

** I have just set up a group for our classroom. If you want to join, fist you need to sing up to mixxer, then join our group here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A bit rusty...

Feeling a bit rusty?

Start having a look at some tourism magazines, for instance, and then write a review for this blog.

You can also write about your proyects for your Tourim studies this year, about your holidays this last summer, the chespest flight, the best/ worst experience, etc.
Any topic will do as long as you drop us a line.

Remember: practice makes perfect.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to this course and the first writing task...

You think that your city has possibilities to hold the next Olympic Games, why not? The city hall has asked you as on of the leading travel agencies in your area to prepare a presentation focussing on the tourist facilities and commodities that has the city in question for the occasion.

Go to page 26 from your books in order to get some specific vocabulary and write down your justification using the comments options.

You can also also upload a presentation of your proposal within our virtual course.