Monday, November 20, 2006

Journeys into understanding | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited Travel

Journeys into understanding | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited Travel

Have you ever been involved into "dark tourism"? What do you think about this new kind of tourism? Do you consider visiting a concentration camp a kind of tourism? Would you offer this kind of tourism as a travel agent?

I am waiting for you answers (Click on "commentarios")

Friday, November 17, 2006

TravelBlog | Travel Blogs, Journals, Diaries and Photos

TravelBlog | Travel Blogs, Journals, Diaries and Photos

Most of you ask me about how to improve pass this couse, and i always tell you that the only way to learn and improve a language is by practising. Here you are a Blog for tourism, with diaries written by normal people, forums dealing with travel and tourism, pictures for you to describe... Visit its page and have a look at it. It will be included also in the Reading room too, but the ideal thing would be taking part here.

Unit 4 Writing task. Sustainable tourism

You work in a travel agency. Your company is promoting this new kind of tourism, travelling being respectfull with the environment. Write a report explaing what is exactly this and what can do the tourist to travel in this way.

Have a look at different websites dealing with this topic and send them to this blog as a commentary so that they could help to other students to write their own report.

See you here!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unit 3 Writing task. Opening a new luxurious hotel

A new luxurious hotel has been opened in Waikiki beach, Hawaii. You are a jounalist and you need to write an article explaining all the facilities and services that this impressive hotel will offer its guests.

Remember to use the main grammar and vocabulary topics dealt in this unit (adjectives and passive)

As usual, use "comentarios" to write your article.

Unit 2 Writing task. Bus vs Underground

Write and argumentative essay about advantages and disadvantages of using bus and underground in a city. Have a look first at pages 42 and 43 from the book and try to use the grammar seen in this unit (mainly prepositions).

Write your essays using the "comentarios" button.

Remember this is just a way to practice before the exam. The more you write the more you will improve your writing.

Unit 1 Writing task

Apart from our "Guessing section" we will have a writing task to do every unit. This time I will as you to look for some links with application tourism forms to fill avilable on the Internet. You can send all these links to this blog by clicking "comentarios", then write as usual and submit your comment.

An example would be:

They can be downloaded as pdf. Have a look and try to imagine how to fill them. Look up in your dictionary any word you don't know. You can also print them out and fill them.

Any more forms??

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess it Unit 1!

Two years ago, I went to visit with a friend of mine of of the most beautiful places in the world... Could you guess where I was???

- to answer try to give me reasons using the grammar and vocabulary seen during this unit (relatives, kinds of tourism, etc.)

- Click on the button "comments"

- Ask me to invite you to this blog in order to send your posts also.