Sunday, March 07, 2010


I have had a hard week: My right hand/arm aches like mad and I 've known I may have carpal tunnel syndrome!! It really aches, even in your sleep, and it gets worse if you have to use your pc mouse, of course, so I've been browsing the net and this man has saved my life, percusionist David Kuckhermann.
I know this post may have little to do with our subject but as we all use the computer for long hours, here is my contribution today. A really useful listening:

Thanks David!!!

*Now to you:
Have you surfed the net for help like me?
Did it work?
Any positive/negative answers?
I'll go and do my daily stretching... :-)

****By the way:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaTendinitis (informally also tendonitis), meaning inflammation of a tendon (the suffix "itis" means "inflammation"), is a type of tendinopathy


  1. I have never had carpal tunnel syndrome... but 2 years ago, I started to do running and I had a slight tendinitis in my left achille's tendon for overload training; I was training for a public competition.
    Because I had a lot of pain in my ankle and I couldn't walk, I went to the Doctor.
    He prescribed me anti-inflammatory and I had to be rested for two weeks.
    Two weeks later, to start running again, I had to do stretching in a rehabilitation centre for fifteen days.
    Nowadays I run like a gazelle!! ;-)

    Rocío Rueda

  2. I have never had CARPAL TUNNEL, in spite of that I work every day during seven hours with computer. I hope never suffer it, because it seems very painful.

    Kind regards.
    Juan Pérez

  3. Thanks for your comments!