Monday, May 24, 2010

12 Top Tips for Successful Interviews and more

12 Top Tips for Successful Interviews : PFJ media introduce 12 top tips for successful interviews.

Important Questions to Ask Employers
Job candidates talk about important questions employers should answer.

5 mistakes to avoid for job interviews and show you how to answer some of the most common questions you will face at a job interview:

Are you prepared for an interview?
Which is your impression after watching these videos?
Would you follow the hints they offer?
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Monday, May 17, 2010


Nowadays people tend to send video cv's when they are looking for a job. Have a look at this:

Video CVs/Résumés are the new thing!
If you want to make your job application memorable send a video file about you along with your CV on paper.
A video CV/Résumé is not meant to be a substitute for the traditional résumé but an addition that will undoubtedly make you stand out and greatly increase your chances of being remembered by any potential employer.
Video files can be easily accessed through a PC or a DVD player connected to a TV set. Most schools have one or both of these facilities so you will not inconvenience them.
One of the great unknowns for any employer looking to hiring staff from abroad is the personal aspects of a candidate which are missing from your paper CV.
A thoughtfully prepared video CV can convey instantly a lot of information about yourself, your personality, your demeanour, and so on, which usually do not come across in a paper CV.
On video they will be able to see what you look like and sound like and generally get a pretty good idea of the kind of person you are: shy, loud, gentle, outgoing, sincere, excited, confident, etc.
Of course, they’ll know you have tried to portrait yourself at your best but just being able to see you in person will be a great added bonus and probably one of the key factors in their final decision.

You can find many different video cv's depending on what kind of job people are searching, on what they want to highlight, on their personality...These examples are quite different --and with different accents for you to practice.

Would you try and record one?
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The course is coming to its end. Many of you complain about lack of time, lots of work, many other tasks and activities to be done, family to take care of...Let me put a smile on your faces, moms and dads as well. And enjoy your time, even if studying!

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Monday, May 03, 2010

Do you know ELLLO? ELLLO means English Listening Lesson Library Online :
Learn English naturally.
You can practice English in the funniest way.

Listening Lessons (Views, Mixer, Games ...)Activities include multimedia, free MP3 files, vocab tasks, language notes, print page and more.ViewsMixerGamesVideosSongsNewsPoints

There are now over 600 audio clips on ELLLO. Below are just a small sample of what is on the site.
High BeginnerThese activities are good for students who are new to learning English.
High IntermediateThese listening activities are a little more difficult.
Low IntermediateThese listening activities are a little more difficult, but not much.
AdvancedIn these clips, the speakers talk faster and the topics are more difficult.

The mp3 files and text on elllo are Creative Commons. Students and teachers are free to download, copy and distribute these materials for educational purposes. They are not transferable for commercial purposes.
ELLLO! Listening Games: