Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week task

Imagine that you are working in a travel agency in London and you have been paid to promote the Holy Week in Andalucía, Spain. One of your clients was very interested on knowing what's a "paso de Semana Santa". Have a look to this link to learn somevocabulary on this topic and answer this question using "commments" button. Try also to contextualize it by telling more things about this festivity in Spain.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Find the difference...

BBC - London - Travel - Heathrow Terminal 5

Did you know that London has just opened a new terminal in Heathrow airport? Have a look at this BBC article and try to write differences and similarities with the new Terminal 4 opened last year in Badrid, Barajas.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Unit 6. Cultural Tourism task

and... spiritual tourism, why not? Did you know that this is nowadays one of the most demanded tourist products to get relaxed? In Spain, also, we are lucky to enjoy culture and relaxation at the same time with this kind of tourism, since most our our monasteries are Romanesque jewel of our history.

In order to do this task, go to page 106 from your book and read the instructions to write a good description of a monument. After that, visit some websites dealings with monasteries to be used as lodging for tourist to relax and try to describe to a future client what they will find in that "special hotel".

Here you are some webs to get information:

and this one to remember some knowledge on the Romanesque art:

Of course, if you find more website add them here.

** Don't forget to use the comments option to do your task ;)