Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Resort Tourism: Kumarakom Lake Resort

What is a resort? Listen to Asa Abraham: The Kumarakom Lake Resort in Kerala, India.
Read the interesting and visual web page of this resort:
or about its "twin", The Paul:

The onwer of the best resort in India describes why they won this award in this video:

"The Paul" and the "Kumarakom" resorts, video:

Watch "Kumarakom Lake Resort":

Have you ever visited a resort in Spain? And abroad?
Can you please tell us what was your experince like?
If you have not, please, watch the videos and give us your impressions.


  1. Rocío Rueda said...


    This Resort is very beautiful.

    I was in a very fantastic Resort called "Bahía Príncipe Akumal" in México, 5 years ago.
    It is a 5 Star Resort in the Riviera Maya.
    All was very luxurious, the rooms were very close of the private beach and the staff was very kind with us.
    When we arrived at the hotel, there was a Mariachi band, a fruit basket in the room and some presents to welcome us.
    The hotel is in a natural environment.
    There were... I don't remember, but I think three or four swimmingpools. Inside the swimmingpools there were bars and jacuzzis.
    The weather was very very hot.
    It was an incredible experience I would like to repeat in the future...


  2. I was in my honeymoon at the Hotel Gran Bahía Príncipe Akumal, 8 years ago.
    It is located in The Rivera Maya (Mexico) and it is a five stars hotel.
    We were there 12 days and they were worderful. When we arrived there was a hurricane but we were not any problem.
    The resort is very large and it is comunicated with the Hotel Gran Bahía Príncipe Tulum. It has many features as: tennis court, golf courses, spa, snack bar, lobby bar, gym, jacuzzis, swwimming pools, ............. and many animation activities.
    The hotel has 4 Restaurants with cuisine from various countries. Its cuisine is very good but the best of all is The Tequila.
    Furthermore we made several excursions for visit the area and we knew the Mayan culture.
    We spent a great honeymoon in this Resort and in this magnific country.

    Juan Pérez

  3. It is curious that you stayed at the same hotel in different years. It must be a wonderful resort, as this one in India.
    Thanks Juan and Rocío for telling us.
    the other students can tell us about hteir experiences and if they have not been to a resort- like me :-( they can tell us their impressions on Kumarakom Lake Resort !!

  4. What a coincidence!!
    It's true, this resort is wonderful!!

    Rocío Rueda

  5. Yes, it is curious. I have also been in the Hotel Bahía Principe in Punta Cana, but I like very much this in México.
    It is a very nice hotel.

    Juan Pérez

  6. Hello!
    I have not the chance to stay at a resort, but I don't lose the hope to go one day.
    The Kumarakom Lake Resort is simply stunning. I have observed in detail the services from Spa, and it's very tempting! All of these kind of massages and treatments, that's fantastic to relax and keep out stress. I would like to stay for a few days in a Resort like this one, or even in the same one! But at the moment, I have to much work and I must study as well, so I have to wait a little. doesn't matter I have lots of patience.

    Best regards

  7. I thought the same when I read this, Nati! This must be THE PLACE to relax. I imagine silence, peace of mind, no headaches, no back pain, no carpal tunnel pain, no pain!! Nice scents, candles, good and light food...
    I can't understand why this song tittle has just come to my mind...If I were a richman... ;-)