Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ways of study on your own

I have just received a recommendation of this web -via webheads- as an alternative to study in collaboration with other students at a distance. I was thinking that, in the same way you use to study in groups formed by students of the same course, you could also try to contact some of these -try to find someone studying Spanish/Tourism- to learn from each other. I have tryed yet, but, what about you?

** You could get up to maximun of 0,25 points in your final qualifications if you prove to have taken active participation in one of these iniciatives, similar to the job done presenting a project. Please ask María Jordano for more information.


  1. Hello María,

    I have read your post and I am interested in learning more about the iniciative ways of study on your own? Could you tell me what I have to do to participate?

    Thank you and best regards

  2. Hi Nati,

    Tomorrow we will have a meeting to talk more about the "Redes" project of this year.

    I will let you know more about it. By the way, I encourage you to try this website. Then tell us your opinion and future experiences...

  3. Rocío Rueda said...

    I'm very interesting, too.
    I think it could be a very good idea to learn with another person/student with similar studies.
    Me (Centro Asociado in Majorca) and Rebecca García, a student of "Centro Asociado in León" are working together, by e-mail, in all of the projects in the studentbook. We met us in the foro of this subject.
    My opinion is, this initiatives are very productives for to know people with your same objectives, for to learn more about other countries, other points of views and you can share yours knowledges with the knowledges of the other student.
    I'm very interesting in to take part of this new project!

  4. Hi Rocío:

    Great! I am glad you like this kind of initiatives. I will let you informed.probably I will create a new form for you to add yourself.

    Kind regards,

    María Jordano

  5. Rocío Rueda said...

    Hi María!
    Ok, I hope your news about this exercise!

    Kind regards,

  6. Hi María!

    I hope too more news, I think that is an excellent initiative.

    Best Regards,