Thursday, December 10, 2009

The facilities that every good hotel need to have.

As you might know, depending on the country, hotel uses different types of classification to let us know the kind of facilities they could offer. Sometimes, requirements deals also with the culture and costumes the clients could demand. Read the following article about a famous hotel in Milton Keynes, UK, and try to think if a Spanish person could evaluate a hotel by looking at the listed factors.

Use the "comments" option to add questions that you would never asked about the facilities offered by hotel. Would you add anything?


  1. I think that the listed factors it's plenty of kindest offered services, the Hotel has a good relation quality/price, furthermore any spanish we would appreciate the nicest installations for having a good and comfortable stay.

  2. Rocío Rueda said...

    I'm not at all agree wiht Irene. I think that people, in general, wants a very good quality but with a low price.

    I would like to add another question about pets in the hotels. It could be a good idea travel with your dog, for example. It could be an advantage for people and for the animals and it could avoid some leaves.

  3. However, I'm agree with Rocío; it's good suggestion for can travel with ours pets...

    I have another suggestion for Spanish persons: what about adaptors to fill the mobile phone, the camera or laptop computer?


  4. Hi! I'd never asked about the coathangers, "pillow menu" and fresh milk, of course it`s a good idea but they have bed ank breakfast! I'm agree with Rocío: For me is important too what are the rules about pets.
    Finally, I think the Jury's Inn it's very good relation quality-price.

  5. Hi,

    They are asking about all aspects already... But I'd add:
    Are there some medical service? a nurse or a doctor in the hotel? or are there some hospital near?
    For a lot of people could be very convinient know it before to go.