Friday, December 18, 2009

Have yourself a merry little Christmas...


This is what Judy Garland sang in the 1944 MGM musical Meet Me in St. Louis. credited to Hugh Martin and Ralph Blane : by Miss Garland.

Christmas is round the corner again.

Why don't you write your letter to Santa telling him what you want for Xmas (as many write it)?

Presents, dreams, wishes... we'd love to listen to them.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas... :-)


  1. Rocío Rueda said...

    Dear Santa,

    the next year 2010 I want to be happy, al least like this year 2009; I want to be healthy and also I wish the same for my family and all my friends.
    ... I'm sorry, but I want more things...
    I want to have work. I don't want too much work, I have enough and... I would like a little bit less ;-)

    And finally I want to pass my exams.

    I think I don't ask a lot of things and I promise you that I have been a good girl.

    I have my pink socks on the chimney and you will have hot chocolate.

    Good luck with all the presents.
    Kind regards,

  2. Dear Santa,

    It’s Christmas Time again. I remember when I was a child that some hours seemed eternal… now time flies!
    I know you must be very busy, that’s why I don’t want to ask you for a lot of things.
    Please, think about all those people that are having a lot of problems at this time, not just in Spain but all over the world.
    Most of us are very lucky but often we forget it, worried about nonsense and really being very thoughtless.
    For all my loved ones I ask you for health. I think it is one of the greatest treasures we can keep.
    Especially for me, please just bring me some peace. Help me to change my mind, I’ve been and I am still too stressed.

    Thanks a lot for your attention and kind regards,


    For all of you, staff and students,
    Cheers to a healthy and happy New Year!

  3. Thank you for your collaboration, Carmen and Rocío, I do hope Santa brings you all you need.
    Let's see if other students want to share their letters to Santa with us...
    Merry Xmas!!