Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas time...

These days (and some weeks more), I will stay in the UK for work. Today, as an advance for Christmas, we had a very special lunch at the University Cafeteria. Have a look at the picture provided and try to answer the following questions...

1. First dish. And this is not a Christmas typical... but, I can tell you it is made of cheese, eggs and tomato, apart from some other ingredients...

2. Main course. Apart from having some boiled vegetables like carrots or Brussels sprouts, it also has...

3. Dessert. I can't tell you anything, but it is something extremely typical from the UK. It has alcohol...

4. Can you see the red bar behind the main course? what's that?

To find some tips to find answers for these questions, you can also visit websites like these:


  1. 1. The first dish looks like "quiche lorrain" and I think that is probably maid moreover with cream or milk over puff pastry.
    2. Main course; it also has meatballs, sausage and French fry...
    3. Maybe is a chocolate drunkard cake with vanilla ice-cream above...
    4. There is probably a Christmas rattle...

    Best regards,
    Irene Albiac.

  2. I want to complain, María: too many clues for such easy questions!!!
    There is nothing left for students to do!! :-)

  3. I agree with Irene. The stater is a quiche lorrain. It is a French dish very famous made with with cream, eggs and cheese mainly. The main course looks like boiled turkey with vegetables. The dessert is a Christmas pudding with its topping on it. It is very typical in Great Britain.

    The red bar is a Christmas cracker. It has to be pulled by two people and a small bang can be heard.

    Belén López

  4. Rocío Rilo - C.A. A Coruña12/10/2009 02:23:00 pm

    Well, I think it's a funny way of learning about English traditions, despite having too many clues.
    Here's my answer ;)

    1.- First dish. It seems like a tart. Maybe some sort of quiche?

    2.- Main course. Turkey or chicken with boiled vegetables.

    3.- Dessert. Christmas pudding and brandy butter (pudding with dried fruits and nuts and a sweet sauce made of sugar, butter and brandy)

    4.- Christmas cracker or bon-bons



  5. Opss, sorry, Irene but you are wrong in some answers...

    2. Main course; no meatballs, yes sausage and no French fries...
    3. No chocolate drunkard cake with No vanilla ice-cream above...
    4. mmmm....There is probably a Christmas rattle...Not exactly that ;)

  6. Ho Rocío,

    Let me see...

    2.- Main course. Turkey with boiled vegetables.Great!

    3.- Dessert. Christmas pudding and brandy butter (pudding with dried fruits and nuts and a sweet sauce made of sugar, butter and brandy). Great!

    4.- Christmas cracker or bon-bons

    Thanks, let me find any other thing here at the UK to show you...See you!

  7. Well... it looks like that this exercise is done...

    Rocío, from Palma.

  8. Sorry María, but I don't know the english food. I will try to recognize and become informed abaut.
    I use to make a lot of spelling mistakes.
    Thanks and regards.

  9. Don't worry Irene,

    We are here to learn ;)

    see you!