Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Mixxer- Improving oral competence through Internet

Thinking about improving oral skills in an autonomous way? During this course, we will try to propose project and new way to practice communicative skills, but also, there are possibilities on the web to do it on you one if you want to begin now.

Just one thing, if you decide to do it using any of the ways suggested here, let us know by adding a comment here, so that we could take it into account in your final score.

The only think you have to do in order to find a partner to practice is installing Skype , having ready a mike and headphones/speakers and register in the website: http://www.language-exchanges.org/

If you want to record your conversations, so that we teachers, could have some feedback or evidence of your work, try using this application: http://www.powergramo.com/index.htm or even Audacity .

Let us know using comments if you like or not this tool!

** I have just set up a group for our classroom. If you want to join, fist you need to sing up to mixxer, then join our group here.


  1. Rocío RIlo - CA A Coruña10/28/2009 02:58:00 pm

    Hello María!

    I'd really like to try this out.

    I've read the FAQ page and it seems quite an interesting tool.

    It mentions groups for classes, I think it would be very interesting to have one of our own...

    I'm going to register and try to download the recorder too.


  2. Hi Rocío,

    I have just set up a group for you. Read again the post but you can access from here: http://www.language-exchanges.org/content/lengua-inglesa-i-uned

    Kind regards,

    María Jordano

  3. Oh, silly me! I overlooked it.

    I've already sent you my request for joining the group ;)

    Thank you and best regards,


  4. i would also like to join you, please tell me how.Regards
    Mª Luz

  5. Hello,
    My english is very bad and I need practise writting and speaking. Is this a good page? Or I need to have a good level of inglish?


  6. Hi Mª Luz,

    Sorry may delay. Just click on the link suggested in the entry and ask me to enter.

    Kind regards,

    María Jordano

  7. Hi Cati,

    No, you don't need a very high level of English. Join us by clicking on the lisnk suggested to Mª Luz.

    Kind redgads,

    María Jordano

  8. This is a very interesting blog, thanks. I am British, living in Brittany, France and I have a business to help French guides and tourist organisations promote heritage to English-speakers (www.brittanyheritageservices.com), including a training course for guides to relate to British visitors.
    I think I can learn a lot from all your information and ideas - many thanks.