Friday, October 23, 2009

A bit rusty...

Feeling a bit rusty?

Start having a look at some tourism magazines, for instance, and then write a review for this blog.

You can also write about your proyects for your Tourim studies this year, about your holidays this last summer, the chespest flight, the best/ worst experience, etc.
Any topic will do as long as you drop us a line.

Remember: practice makes perfect.


  1. Hello!

    Let's see how rusty is my writing ;)

    I will try to make a quick review of the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

    I chose this one because I think it is the most entertaining one, as you have lots of beautiful photographs from the most amazing places in the world and it is very interactive with the readers: people can send to the blog their opinion about the places they have visited and they can take part in all kind of surveys.

    The current issue (November/December) ranks, for example, the most celebrated destinations.

    There is also a guide for a 48hours trip to Copenhagen that shows the places you must visit if you are planning a trip there.

    They have a very interesting tool which is interactive maps of cities, so you don't miss the most important points of interest (this issue recommends a walking tour of Valparaíso, Chile).

    There are some interviews to the magazine staff and to experienced travelers and, of course, photo galleries with beautiful pictures - this time from the Danish capital and Portland, in Oregon.

    I also found a very funny quiz named 'Think pink!' that I think you should try because you get to learn some curious things about lots of places through travel questions related to pink colour.

    i.e.: do you know which city in India's Rajasthan state is popularly known as the 'Pink City' for its pink architecture?

    I encourage you to find it out! ;)

    Enjoy this issue!

    Kind regards,


  2. Good start, Rocío. Let's see if the other students also write a bit about this topic.

  3. Hello!
    I'm reading the tourism review since last November and I find it very complete. This month there is a very interesting article about geocaching, the new discipline that it has a great success. In fact, I'd never heard about this but I am tempted to try it and maybe I'll do it very soon.
    There is another one which deals about agri-tourism and all the possibilities that it could offer this new way of tourism. And a very wide information about different world's cuisine.
    I have not yet finished with the reading, but I think that this number will bring innovations for the tourism's world.