Wednesday, October 28, 2009



Yes, it's Halloween again. Next Saturday exactly!
Every year it is more and more popular in our country. There are parties for adults eveywhere and children also do some crafts and activities at school, at least for their English class.
You can have a look at our last's year post as well.
Give us your impressions on this: whether you like it or not, if you see it as just part of other cultures, tell us about your costume if you are going to wear it, if you know its origins, if you have found a gorgeous page about Halloween crafts, cooking or make up...
Use a search engine or a browser if you want, and read more and see pics about it.



  1. Rocío Rilo - CA A Coruña10/30/2009 03:30:00 am

    Despite of being part of other cultures, I like that Halloween is celebrated by more and more people every year.
    Unfortunately, I have to work on Saturday but if I hadn’t, I’d surely wear a custome!
    I’ve never made a jack-o’lantern, it seems quite difficult to hollow the pumpkin out but you can buy one almost anywhere now that Halloween has became so popular in Spain… even at the supermarket! (you can take a look at for patterns if you are good at crafts ;)
    What I know about its origins is that this celebration began with the Celts.
    The Celtic year ends in Autumn, when leaves fall down from the trees. This meant the end of death and the beginning of a new life for them.
    They believed in soul’s immortality. They said the soul got inside another person once it had left the body; but on the night of October 31st, she came back to her old house asking for food and the people who lived there, they were obliged to give it to her.
    “Halloween” comes from “All Halllows Eve”, which is the night before November 1st (“All Hallows Day”)
    That’s all I know! I don’t have much time for research right now, as I’m at work but I hope this little comment will help ;)

    Best Regards and Happy Halloween!

  2. Hi everybody,

    I don’t want to be a party pooper but I think that in our globalized world, a lot of times we all are victims of market. For me, Halloween in Spain is the result of a wasteful consumer society.
    I love to travel all over the world. I like very much to meet new people, to know many different cultures, to taste another flavours, to speak as many languages as I can.
    Sure I would love to celebrate Halloween with some English friends and I think it is great for children to do some crafts and activities at school as part of their English class in order to improve the language. But nowadays is one more excuse to sell. And I ask to myself: “Where is the limit?”


  3. Hello,
    In Spain, the tradition at this time is to represent Don Juan Tenorio (Religious-Fantasy Drama in two parts)is a play written in 1844 by José Zorrilla.
    It's the peripetys of a tearaway man (in Sevilla), that as result of a bet, has love whith a novice (Doña Inés) and h'is overcome for her to go to the hell.
    I think it's really enjoyable...
    There is one more time for "Cultural Tourism" in Spain!
    Irene Albiac.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Sílvia.In my region in halloween celebrate "la Castanyada". This is a traditional day in Catalonia, it's consist in we eat chestnut and sweet potato.Also we eat "panellets" it's a typical dessert.I recommend to everybody taste "panellets".


  5. I love the tradition of going to the theatre to enjoy "Don Juan Tenorio" and it seems people forget about it every year!! :-(
    Good commemts, all of you, Irene, Silvia, Carmen, Rocío, keep on trying and tell your mates to write as well!

  6. I like much Halloween because It's a fun party. It has very funny customs as trick or treat, costumes parties, telling scary stories, watching horror films................
    I saw to Halloween as a celebration of other cultures but in the last years It has also become part of our culture.
    I haven't weared customes, but my daughter has weared a customes of vampire. Halloween is an annual holidays celebrated on October 31, It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. The most important custom is Halloween pumpkin. I do every year the Halloween pumpkin for my children, they like a lot.

    Juan Pèrez