Monday, November 09, 2009


"Oct 19 2009
In London and in the UK in general, we have a passion for fireworks (pyrotechnics) at this time of year. Halloween isn't really our thing, although more and more children's costumes are going on sale these days. We look forward to November 5th when we commemorate Guy Fawkes's attempt to blow up the Houses of Parliament with barrels of gunpowder in 1605, with King James I inside. He was caught before he could do any damage and was duly executed shortly after."
Have you ever enjoyed bonfire night in the UK?
Any other special date?
Any similar celebration in your place?
This is a good choice to write-write-write. Come on.


  1. Hi!

    I have enjoyed twice the Guy Fawkes' night and I really love it. Children knock the doors asking for some money to buy some fireworks. In Lonson they usually have a special dinner this day as baked potatoes, toffee apples, etc., and people meet up with friends to celebrate this night. As far as I know, Guy Fawkes' night is very important for Londoners and they celebrate it a lot. You can see a party in every square or corner around the city.

    Belén López

  2. Wow! Do you have any picture to share with us?

  3. I have only been once to London. I stayed for four days, I was visiting my friends who studied there and I loved it!
    Unfortunately, I travelled on May, so I missed the Bonfire night. In fact, I didn't know about it until now! I wish I could go back sometime in November then! Meanwhile, I wait for Belen to post any picture of this celebration ;)

  4. I have a lot of pictures from London but I'm afraid I didn't take any at Guy Fawkes' night :-(. Sorry about that.

    Belén López

  5. Hello,
    It's nice Bonfire Night! I like very much the fireworks. Coruña inquire abaut others celebrations in our place; in Zaragoza we look forward to march 5th("Cincomarzada"), since 1839 we commemorate the expulsion of "Carlista" army by the zaragozanos; people go to the park for have a picnic lunch.
    For know more about this holiday see:
    Best regards,
    Irene Albiac.