Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Could trains replace airplanes?

By reading this article from the British journal "The Independent", you will realize that, not only high speed trains has meant a train revolution communication in Spain, but also in most countries of Europe. In this article you'll find a list of the top 20 destinations connected by high-speed trains (no presence of Spain, by the way...). Don't you think many fight connections will disappear because of this new revolution? Think of the Spanish situation. Imagine that you are a businessman living in Barcelona. Do you think you will travel by AVE instead of travelling by plain to Madrid? Why? (Have a look at page 42 from your textbook to answer to this questions by clicking "comentario").


  1. I think that in Spain future is for trains.
    Nowadays business travels are a question of speediness, but we will see what happen when everybody choose trains to travel. Queues will be the same than in the airport, problems with hand bagagge, the accesses to train stations are worst than the airports even because they are in the downtown.

    I think we will see the same problems in a train station than in the airports, because is a question of people.

    For travelling around Europe, plains don't have rivals, and they won't.

  2. I don't think trains could replace airplanes.

    In my opinion every transport is good, it depends on your necessities and preferencies, I mean if you want traveling far away, crossing oceans or watching the Earth from the sky... I'll recomend you to take an airplane, and now you can find them cheaper than never...

    But the big problem to take a plane is that you have to move to the airport (probabily far away from your home), and stay almost 2 hours waiting since you arrive there, meanwhile the train station use to be in the city center where is easier to go, so I love flying but I take a train if I want to visit a city.

    The only transport I think could change my mind is the TELETRANSPORTATION...


    PS. María, could you correct my composition and send me an e-mail? thanks a lot. mgs88888888@yahoo.es

  3. "Three people generate 1.97 tonnes of carbon dioxide on a flight from London to Naples. The same journey for three people by rail generates 0.24 tonnes of carbon dioxide" (http://travel.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/travel/holiday_type/rail_travel/article2883614.ece)