Monday, November 05, 2007

One more attraction to see in the Valley of the Kings

Tutankamon's face is presented to the public 85 years afer its discovery. To tell the truth, I was rather shocked with this announcement. For those of you who haven't seen any information yet, here you are a video, a picture and some articles taken from National Geographic. Would you like to be the tourist in the video? Would you like to see the mummy face to face? Do you think it would be something to keep away from people and reserved just for researchers? (Have a look to pag 42 in your textbook to justify your answer).
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  1. Well, first of all I think that any kind of art must be accesible to everybody.
    Is not fair to keep art reserved to proffesionals.
    Everybody have the right to know and see master pieces like Tutankamon's face but always with the security measures needed to preserve the pieces.

    Researchers have the right or the privilege to see, study and even touch pieces more closely because I consider this is the correct way to discover new things about pieces, culture where they were done, ...