Tuesday, November 06, 2007

St Pancras International, the 21st century's first mega-station

St Pancras International, the 21st century's first mega-station

Atocha? Sants? Santa Justa? Switch on your speakers and watch at this!!

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  2. Wow, the station is amazing! I really liked it, so huge and futuristic, with all those shops and bars. I think that, in no time, it will become (as it's said in the text) a place for the people to go and spend the day, even if they're not going to take the train or wait for some friend or relative who arrives. I hope I can go to London some day and visit St Pancras International!

    Marta Moral Alonso

  3. Maybe I'm a romantic but I don't like the way is going to be renovated.
    I mean, I think station must be redesigned to try to make waitings and travel processes easier and more confortable for passengers, but no if it's implies changing a historical building in this way.

    From my point of view the designs must conserve the ancient spirit of the building.

    In any case I think is a good idea make the station better, but thinking about Londoners are going to loose a piece of history.

  4. 2:15h London to Paris, it´s incredible!

    In my opinion, things like this are going to change Tourism. If I lived in London I would visit the Louvre and return in the same day, as an excursion!

    St Pancras station is wonderful, it mixes a clasical facade and the last facilities inside.

    Ana Mª Vázquez