Friday, November 26, 2010

A BBC Quizz on the London Underground

I don't know if our are familiarized with bbc learning English, a very practical website thought to learn English on the web. This time, you will find vocabulary dealing with this kind of transportation, apart from a video and the text of it. Have a look at this and use the comments option to give us your oppion about travelling by tube in general. If you like it, if you think it is useful, I you prefer other means of transport instead...


  1. Dear Blogger
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  2. London Underground is a maze for English speakers so for non natives it will be difficult to work things out without being prepared in advanced. I know several foreign students who got lost and ended in another city !!

    Not knowing English doesn't make you less educated in fact I knew a doctor once who had to learn English but had taken a cleaning job in the meantime ! Try to get to grips with the language as quickly as possible and make sure you get a new CV made to help you get a job since you'll be able to spend as long as you want on the English (