Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today is... Thanksgiving Day (and two writing tasks)

We will propose you several activities to do this very especial Day in the US.

First, watch the following video...

** Here you are some links and quizzes to know more about this topic.

and think about a touristic route that you could plan for your clients remembering the most relevant events and places dealing with this festivity. Try to focus on sustainable tourism (or cultural tourism if you are studying unit 6).

Then, read the following article and try to figure out if Spanish tourism will expect a similar situation during "Puente de la Inmaculada"...

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  1. Rocío Rueda Navarro said...

    I think this year, with this economy crisis, here in Majorca, in the "Puente de la Constitución or Puente de la Inmaculada", a lot of people had gone to the hotels around the island because there were too many offers and the prices were very interestings (the hotels near the beach and some with "all-included"). There were a lot of bargains and the weather, these days, was fantastic!

    Palma Tourism Councillor, Joana Mª Borrás, said that (Majorca Daily Bulletin, on tuesday 8th December, 2009)"the majority of tourists in Palma at this time of year are here for business, conferences or Cultural trips".
    Her predictions for the next year will be going much better than this year.

    We hope so!