Friday, November 20, 2009

Many of our students travel really often and tell us about their impressions and discoveries while they are away.
Would you like to write about that very special corner, place, hotel, city, shop, ... you found out last summer, two years ago or last week????
Come on, use your keyboard right now!!!

I'll try and write about the first one. I'll show you a wonderful place I "discovered" a couple of summers ago that takes you for a while into the Arab world : extremely delicious teas, wonderful sweet treats and home made tasty confectionery and baking!! You can even smoke one of those exotic pipes. The tea list is written (drawn) on a wonderful paper, the decoration is superb, the place is incredible and the owners the best hosts. The customer is their most valuable jewel. You will learn what excellence in service and professional dedication mean.

There is also a small cozy hotel of 7 exclusive rooms you have to see.
The front door comes from a palace in Tetuán, some bronze lamps are handmade, original pigments from Marrakech
They offer whirlpool tub, wifi, satellite tv, welcome tea, wonderful breakfast, welcome fruit basket, etc. Really value for money.
The place: Arabia Riad
Address:Plaza del duque 5, 10003 CÁCERES

Now it is your turn!!!!


  1. My name is Rocío Rueda and I'm from Majorca:

    In the island we have a lot of services, leasure activities and bars / restaurants. Personally, I love an Indian restaurant called "Basmati". It's a very small place and It has a very typical decoration, food, staff, music and smells.
    It can go all sorts of people because de price is very reasonable and all you can live inside and the sensations are very different than another kind of restaurants; inside the "Basmati" you forgot that you live in Majorca instead of India.

    The restaurant is in front of the sea, in first line, the place is very warm, the staff is friendly, on the tables there are petals of roses, the food is very delicious and creative, music is chill out and the smells are exotic.

    About de food, there are spicy and non-spicy souces; there are different kind of breads and it's the same menu for all the customers.

    In the bathrooms there are pictures with kamasutra and love positions.

    It's a very special restaurant that you have to visit; I recommend it!!

  2. Hi Rocío,
    Thanks for telling us about your fave place in Majorca and why you like it. I hope other students tell us about other interesting places like "Basmati". Well done!

  3. Hi,
    This is really such a great idea; you have done a great gob.

  4. Hi,
    I have found your work really interesting and it is a thought provoking post. Thanks for such a timely post

  5. Rocío Rueda said...

    Thank you very much for your comments!!!

    kind Regards.