Saturday, January 17, 2009

Improving your listening by podcasting

A very good way to practice your English listening could be podcasting. The web is now full of this very good audio invention for ESL learners. Why? It is a cheap and efficient way to listen to fresh content based English. You can listen to all these audio recording either in the way or by copying them all to your mp3/ipodcasting player in order to hear them while in the underground or by car in your way to work. The quality of sound is great in most cases and you could find them in many different accents, which is very recommended for you are tourism professionals to be in a very close future.

Here you are some suggestions for you to listen: (very practical in order to study unit 5, you will see why)

Open University ITunesU (You need to have Itunes software installed)

University of Oxford ITunes (Arts and Humanities)

Tourism, Travel, Geography and Education Podcasts (A very complete compilation of podcasts dealing different fields of tourism, including airplane topics, new destinies, travelling guides, etc.)

Idiotvox-tourism (assorted podcasts dealing with tourism fields, very focussed on education)

Let's talk tourism podcast (Dublin Institute of Technology. Good to revise topics dealing with unit 1)

You will find some of these and others in the right section of this blog.

More suggestions? Opinions about this post? Do you agree with this? Please, use comments to reply.


  1. I think this is an another great idea to improve english and so on. Everybody is used to use these little "machines" every day so why not learn with them? Because it is really dificult to have the same level of english the whole life. What we studied at school just don't remember now. We need to practise but usually you don't have time or money to go to some language school so you try to practise by yourself. You can watch films, read newspapers on the internet and this can help you but the mp3 is so comfortable. I think I will try this way to learn more. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Thanks Tereza!

    Please, tell me your experiences with this new way to practice your English!

  3. Dear Maria,
    Thanks for this great list of podcasts related to Tourism and also for your blog. It is a great work. I teach English for Tourism at the Universidad de Huelva. I am going to include a post with this podcast list in my blog I hope we keep in touch.
    María Luisa

  4. Hi Maria Luisa! Great to hear that! Would you mind if I include your blog here in this blog?

  5. ¡Genial! Voy a hacer lo mismo con los míos.

    Otra cosa que quizá serviría es cuentos de nenes. Busca IttyBittyLit en Youtube. tengo de inglés y uno de castellano. uno se escribió por mi hijo de 6a. Tus estudiantes pueden hacer algo semejante.

  6. I like the idea of having students discuss art or architecture as a method to develop vocabulary and practice grammar structures and fluency.