Thursday, January 15, 2009

Google Earth and El Prado Museum

Now there's no need to travel to Madrid in order to admire all the famous masterpieces from El Prado. Thanks to Google Maps, you can do it. To do this activity:

1. Read the following information and give your opinion here about the quality of the images, variety of works presented, etc. After doing that write here using the comments option your opnion about this. Would you recommended? Is is good enough? (Use page 42 from your book to do this in order to describe the advantages and disadvantages of visiting artistic places in a vistual way)

2. Choose a portrait, and try to describe it here (page 106 from your books).


  1. carmen Perez Fernandez1/17/2009 09:09:00 am

    I have been the masterpieces of the El Prado Musseum from my house, and I could even enjoy them with my friends this evening while take something to drink! It.s incredible. A further advantage is that I saw what I wanted and the time that I wanted. Nobody could belive this tipe of advances. It´s clear that nobody knows the men´s future. Like me, now writing in English to everybody and talking about El Prado Museum...
    In spite of everything I think that nothing could be better than having time and enough money to visit all museums of the world whenever you want and enjoy each masterpiece the time that you need.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Carmen. Then, you think it is much better visiting the museum than a virtual tour from the Internet...;) Have you tried it anyway? Have you been visiting The Prado with Google?

    By the way, I think there is something missing in your first sentence, am I right?

  3. Carmen Perez Fernandez1/18/2009 08:35:00 pm

    Yes I think that I forgot to make a description of some portrait. I have been there yesterday and today now and, definitly, it is no the same thing. Well that is obvious. Of any way it seems to me very exciting. Yesterday I saw "El jardin de las Delicias", and I felt that this detail and meticulous piece was all diferent when we was seeing in a picture or in the real museum, because it was a composition, one misterious caos... Now I have been able search each zone every time that I wanted discovering many curious things. Today I saw a Rembrandt,s portrait: Artemisa, one queen that is going to drink her husband,s cenices. She is the centre of the piece, but there are one maid on her right and a misterious women who is in the shadow, behind of the queen and when we go aproaching to her we discover that she was only some lines, it is lovely! The queen is a joung girl, blondy and a little fat, her hair is long and is over her shoulders. She dresses rich clothes. Do you know something that I always draw my attention? Nobody has eyelashes.

  4. Hi Carmen! Thank you very much for your comment...

    Since you'll have the exam next week, I will give the sentences where you made some mistakes (try not to correct them before the exam, please):

    1. "I have been there yesterday and today". What's the matter here? Look at the verb and the adverb...;)

    2. "diferent" when

    3. "we was seeing"

    4. "Now I have been able search". Any "to tb "been" and "able"?

    5. "one queen that is going to drink her husband,s cenices" Betther "a queen"... Did you mean "ashes" instead of "cenices"?

    6. "aproaching" to her we discover that she was only some lines, it is lovely!

    7. "joung" girl, blondy and a little fat, her hair is long and is over her shoulders.

    Thanks again for your effort and
    time writing here. I wish you lots of luck in your exams!!

  5. carmen Perez Fernandez1/20/2009 06:05:00 am

    Thank you very much Maria, Your corrections have helped me very much, I know that I have many problems whit adverbs, prepositions, and writing.... For that reason I am trying to write here. I have just a few time and writing and speak is so different...I read on bus, or in bed...but I practice nothing, This blog was giving me quite fear. Now I am very happy because I think that It help me to understand and to learn so much.

  6. Hi Carmen!

    I am very glad to read you again...Go on this way!! Don't be afraid. You are just learning. If you write, write, write you'll improve your writing a lot ;)



  7. Carmen Perez Fernandez1/21/2009 06:43:00 am

    Thank you again, Maria.
    I´m going to write in another coment.
    Nice to meet you!