Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The worst part of being a receptionist

When working, we all have things we don't like to do. Unit 8 has been dealing, most of it, with the job of being a receptionist. I always have thought this could be a very nice occupation, but we could also find very hard tasks...Have a look at this funny article!


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  1. I feel very identificated with this text. I am not exactly a recepcionist but nearly. I do also have to answer the phone and give information to all kind of people and some of the situations described in the text are very similar to mine: people who call you on the phone and the first thing that you hear is "who are you?......
    people who try to speak at you when you are just anserwing the telephone....people who make questions so nonsense that you just have to make big efforts to wait until the call has finished to laugh.... and so.
    That is why I always try to be very patience with people who have a front desk job and dont disturb them with simple things.