Friday, March 16, 2007

Unit 5. Resort tourism

You are working in the marketing department of a big travel agency chain. Write a brochure offering the new product you want to launch, travelling to Disney World as a First Communion gift.

In order to do that, your must include a very detailed schedule, indicating: flights, hotel inside the resort, prices for a whole week, possible discounts for children, etc.

Use the "comments" option to write this composition. (See page 90 of the book for more info)


  1. How many times have you heard you children talking about Mickey Mouse, snowhite, watching again and again The Lion King movie?. Thousands of time. Now we offer the best opportunity to give your children the best gift in their communion day: go to Disney World.
    We are offering a new product in which you can find a 4 days stay in one of the hotels of the resort, with full entrance to all the attractions, full pension, transfer service and a special discount for children under 7 years age.
    You can choose different dates of depature from april to june, starting on friday a spending the weekend in the resort.
    Contact us in the web page www.dwrp.con and we will help to make your children happy.

  2. The best gift for your child!! A dream will be fulfiled. you cant spend a weekend in EuroDisney, departing on Monday morning and coming on Sunday night. Children between 3 and 7 years old travel free. The hotel is called Dysneyland Hotel and is situated in the entrance of the park. And the best... the price for adults per a week is only 500€ and for each children older than 7 is 250€. The price includes hotel, half board and the entrance to the park. Don't think this and book it!!

  3. jose carlos moreno gutierrez4/07/2007 09:32:00 pm

    Do you like that your son or daughter don´t forget his/her First Communion Day? You can do it with an unforgettable trip to Disneyland Paris.
    Our agency offers a few days in Disneyland Paris with a complete program of activities at an affordable price (children under 7 years old free and up to 7 half-price until 12 years old).
    The flight departs from the nearby airport of Spain the Monday and come back the Sunday. The hotel include full board since it is into the Resort.
    No doubt, this is a bargain and your son or your daughter will be pleased to you alwais.

  4. Everyone has wished to meet Mickey Mouse at least once a live. Can you imagine yourself in Disneyland? The dream can be true! Don't waste this opportunity and travel with us. We have special pack offer to First Communion children. One CHILD UNDER TEN will travel FREE if he is accompanied by two adults. Price per adult 500 euros and that includes: fly, 5 days B&B and transfer hotel-airport.

    Contact with us in and we will send you further information.


  5. Make your kids dream come true with Disney’s Resort First Communion Package! They could feel magic moments and they’ll never ever forget those holidays!
    First Communion Package includes:

    . 7x6 nights stay at Disneyland Hotel (it is located in the entrance of the Park)
    . Breakfast or dinner with Disney characters as Mickey, Pluto, Peter Pan…

    If you book and adult package, kids under 10 years will get free hotel accommodation and free entrance to the parks (they sharing room with one adult).

    An excellent price for adult: 700 euros (includes: fly, hotel, half-board and free entrance to the park.


    It’s a unique opportunity!

    It’s a dreamlike!

    See you in Disneyland Paris!

    For more information call: 93 3352751 or


  6. Jesús Seligrat Maroto4/02/2008 04:52:00 pm

    Are you looking for the best First Communion gift for your children? Have you thought which would be their emotions if you introduce they Mickey Mouse, Gooffy or Donald Duck?
    Now, we can do this dream come true if you decide to take advantage of our new “Special First Communion Disney World Trip Package”. It includes:

    - 6 nights stay at Howard Johnson International Drive Hotel (including free breakfast) in Orlando (Florida, USA).
    - Free transportation to Disney World Resort.
    - Free entrance to Disney World Resort for children under five.
    - ONLY FOR 959 E !!

    If you need more info contact us in:

  7. If you want have really happy at your children, don't force to have comunion,because they are very young to take this decision, wait that they grow up, and that they can choose better.
    In this place live your kids to Disney land Paris.

    In our agency we have the best and the most variety offers.

    We have two diferents packages :

    1.four days, thre nights,

    The offer includes:
    Acomodattion in Disney Hotel,
    room for four people with breakfast included and 1 meal, with the tickets from the park for all.
    Only 100 € per person.

    2. Five days, four nights, acomodation in Disney de luxe Hotel,
    The offer includes:
    room for four people
    Tickets from the park for all.
    Airticket from Valencia-Paris.
    Only 155€ per person.
    If you want, you can chosse diferent wais to organize on your travel.
    Dont desitate to consult us and to bring news ideas, We can make ypur perfect travel tath you want.

  8. Do you have children? Do you feel like a child? Do you remember your childhood? Then, now is possible to enjoy the most important amusement park in Europe, it's Disneyland Paris.
    We offer a special vacation pack: well, you'll can enjoy for 10 days in one of the exclusive hotels into the park, including breakfast and dinner, one pass to entry in the park and you will get on all rides, and you will show different and funny shows. And we don't forget children, until 11 years age they don't pay acommodation and breakfast and they have a pass, too.
    As well we are sure that you always dream to have breakfast with Mickey or Pluto.
    And so? You can choose someday to go and visit ours. The park is near the Charles de Gaulle Airport, about 25 minutes.
    If you want more information, we have a web, this is
    Don't dubt more, we'll expect you.

  9. Your child's First Communion Day is coming soon and you feel really lost because you have not idea about the gift you want to give him/her? Don't worry, we have a good solution for you and naturally for your child. We have created, specially for this date, the new package "Disney World for an unforgettable Day". This package includes:
    -Depart from Barcelona to Paris-Charles de Gaulle.
    -Bus from airport to Disney Hotel Resort.
    -Acommodation for three nights in half board.
    -Tickets for Disney World Park with access to all the amenities.
    All these services for only 420 euros per person, 50 per cent discount for children under 9 and 25 per cent for the ones under 12.
    It's really a excellent opportunity to know Mickey and Minie Mouse and the rest of the band. You will make your child happy and you could enjoy in adult like a child. Don't miss this chance. Visit our website: and ask for all the information you need. We will be happy to help you.

    P.S.- If somebody can correct the mistakes, I would be grateful.


  10. Great Nati!!

    Just one little thing... Try to use "departure" which is the nous, instead or "depart" as verb, just to be coherent with the rested of the listed items.

  11. Thank you very much María. I'll try to practise more in this web. It is really very useful.

    Best regards