Friday, March 16, 2007


I have never been to Valencia during Fallas, but I would like to go some time. Could anybody tell me what's the meaning of "Mascletá" (I don't know If I wrote it fine)? Could you give me a picture to put it here? Could you recommend me a good place to see or enjoy this festivity in Valencia?

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  1. Hi Maria,
    The "Mascletà" is one of the most important events during the Fallas. The first one is 1st march and we have one for each day since 1st march to 19th march.
    Mascletà is an special pyrotechnic event. Its name is from "masclets" the most important kind of firecracker that is used in it. This firecracker produces a strong explotion with a powerful roar. The pyrotechnic man makes a rythim game with all of them and his hability for playing with them produces a good or bad "mascletà". You can find some good examples in Youtube, but I have made a post with some good "mascletàs". I let you the link and you can enjoy them. I recomend you raise the loudspeakers.
    Ah, the best place for me is in front of the city council building gate.

  2. The videos are wonderful!!! I've never been to Valencia during Fallas, but it must be exciting, but some people have said me that you have to comprise very well Fallas to live them, is it true?

  3. Hi Elena. Well, Fallas have a lot of acts, from first hour in the morning to late night. We don't sleep much in these days becouse we like to enjoy them, but you should think Fallas are only four days, four intensive days, you know, and if you try to comprise a great part of all these events, you could enjoy Fallas better.

  4. Any picture from Fallas, please? ;) I will like to see one... I you cannot post it, Esther, send it to me ;)

    María Jordano