Monday, November 20, 2006

Journeys into understanding | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited Travel

Journeys into understanding | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited Travel

Have you ever been involved into "dark tourism"? What do you think about this new kind of tourism? Do you consider visiting a concentration camp a kind of tourism? Would you offer this kind of tourism as a travel agent?

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  1. I haven´t made "dark tourism" in the way that the article define it. I mean, I have never been to Auschwitz and I don´t know if I would like to visit a place like that, but I find that this kind of tourism may be used to educate people about historical mistakes and in other cases to learn about ancients customs in older cultures. For example, when you visit Machu Pichu or Petra or even the Coliseum in Rome, you are visiting places in which human sacrifices have been made as a part of the life and customs of this older cultures, so in many ways, all of us have made "dark tourism" sometime.

  2. This new activities included on "dark tourism" aren`t very pleasant, althoutgh they could be interesting because they show us an important piece of our modern history.
    If I were a travel agent I wouldn`t offered this activities to my customers because I think people look for a nice way to spend their free time.

  3. Thanks Rebecca nd Sonia,

    Any more comments?

  4. If I were a travel agent I would offer this kind of travels in order to give to my customers every kind of places to visit that doesn't mean that I like them. We usually visit in our travels places in which many pleople died long ago. Does time make places differet? Does time change our point of view about places different?

  5. This kond of tourism is not very beautiful, is it? I prefer visiting other places than these, i want to spend good days on my holidays, and i don't want to remember bad moments although they are part of our history

  6. It is dark tourism to visit the T-4 terminal at Barajas Airport or the Zero Area in New York?
    I also remenber that Jim Morrison`s tomb is one of the most visited "monument" in Paris. If people like that...

  7. We can't deny that people like de lewd and when there is a tragedy, everyone look at it.
    It's true that it isn't something nice, but is inevitably that some disasters are becomin a tourist business for lots of companies, such as:
    - Ground Zero in N.Y.
    - Haiti
    - Iroshima
    - Concentration camps
    - Tombs of famous people
    We can't close the eyes at this "especial" kind of tourism, we have to think that this is a business.