Thursday, November 16, 2006

Unit 3 Writing task. Opening a new luxurious hotel

A new luxurious hotel has been opened in Waikiki beach, Hawaii. You are a jounalist and you need to write an article explaining all the facilities and services that this impressive hotel will offer its guests.

Remember to use the main grammar and vocabulary topics dealt in this unit (adjectives and passive)

As usual, use "comentarios" to write your article.


  1. Imagine that you could enjoy a new way of living in which you could have your own place for relaxing, where you can wake up in the morning with a marvelous view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Imagine that you can play tennis in the morning and have a special and personal massage service in one of the biggest spas of America. Imagine that you can have the opportunity to taste foods from all over the world, cooked by the most important chefs of America.Imagine that you could have your own personal butler service...... Stop imagine because right now you have the opportunity to enjoy all this if you decide to go to the new hotel recently open in Waikiki Beach, Hawai.

  2. jose carlos moreno gutiérrez1/10/2007 09:49:00 pm

    In the most beatiful place of Hawai, in front of the sea, you can find the most luxurius hotel in Waikiki beach. This refined hotel has been built for you and your family. Well-being and relax abound here where you´ll can feel the flora, the fauna and hte sea at the same time.
    Come to this new hotel and you won´t be sorry!

  3. The new Green Garden Hotel in Waikiki offers the customers an amazing range of facilities and services such as gym, sauna, babysitting services from 10 in the morning to 22 in the evening and tennis court.
    It's very-well situated overlooking the beach and the harbour. It's famous for its wonderfull restaurant which offers delicius fish and seafood.They are looking foward to meeting you at the new hotel!

  4. Seven Hotel (5 starts)
    24 hours room service, air-conditioning, garage, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, shuttle bus by hotel, a revolving restaurante (it turn over slowly), dry-air hair, conference room, internet service, tennis court, sauna and Jacuzzi, gym,
    That hotel boasts the best of city because of its facilities and location. in the heart of city. It is only 15 minutes from the airport. It features 50 doble-rooms, and 5 suites. All rooms are dazzling decorated and all have mini-bar, air-conditioning, dry-air hair, internet service and Jacuzzi.
    A continental Breakfast is always included an it is served from 7 to 10 in the morning, but if you prefer to have it in the room you can call Room Service.
    For booking, please call to: 14578245