Friday, June 25, 2010

WRITING AND DESCRIBING. You can learn anywhere.

EBAY, as you all know is basically a website to buy and sell items so it is essential to write a very good description of what you want to sell or need to buy. They include some hints about this which you may find interesting to read and then use in your essays, compositions, etc as thay are practical and easy to use.
This is their advice:

Writing a good title and description

Writing an effective title
What to avoid in your title
Writing an informative description
What to avoid in your description
Examples of titles and descriptions

Your listing's title and description are your advertisement; an opportunity to inform and excite buyers. A good title and description provides a clear picture of your item, which increases your chances that buyers will find and bid on or buy your item.

If you also want some listening practice on "Learn How To Sell On Ebay - Tips For Selling On Ebay" and get your ear working, here you can find some videos to learn some more vocabulary on descriptions:

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  1. I find this article very interesting. I used to sell and buy items on EBAY and I never asked myself about these questions. The guy who explains every details about how to make money on this website says some handy piece of advises that we can apply into other business.
    "You need to sell stuff that you are an expert on" , I think it is very logical, to sell whatever stuff you want to sell you need to know its features and how it is worth , its market value.
    He also says that is very important to give the clients an image of a trusty seller and I am really agree about this, be honest with the costumers is, in my opnion, the main "trick" you have to use to catch them.