Sunday, April 05, 2009

Easter in Spain

Last year we gave you some info about Easter in English speaking countries.
This time we'd like you to write in English about Easter in Spain.
Try to describe what Semana Santa is, our traditions, our recipes, what you do in your place or even to translate (or explain) what torrijas, pasos, nazarenos, saetas, etc. are.
Here is a link to help you start:

Remeber writing is a very good practice for you and this is one of the places to improve it!!
Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Lucia!

    Thank you very much for poting these days... I have been attending a conference in Cardiff, Wales and I read everything you posted from there.

    Have a look also to the post sent last year on the same topic:

    You will find there a link to Isabel Perez website on this topic too.

    By the way, what's the difference between Easter and Holly Week if any?

  2. Hello María,
    Don't you think our students have forgotten about the fact that taking part in this blog may help them improve their marks and above all, make their Enligh fluent when writing?
    May be after reading this they will feel eager to do it... ;-)
    Happy Easter!!