Sunday, April 19, 2009

the American Diner Museum

About the American Diner Museum

"Since 1996, the American Diner Museum has been focused on celebrating and preserving the cultural and historical significance of the American diner, a unique American institution. The museum also hopes to recognize and share the importance of diners nationally and internationally.
The ADM considers it a crucial part of its mission to save the vintage diners that are in danger of extinction from, among other things, redevelopment of property and unnecessary demolition.
The Museum is a tribute to the individuals who built, operated and worked in the diners and to those who continue the diner tradition into the 21st century.
Although the museum does not have an exhibit space, we consider every diner to be a living museum. Many items from our collection are loaned to other orgaizations for their respective diner exhibits"

"What is a diner? A true "diner" is a prefabricated structure built at an assembly site and transported to a permanent location for installation to serve prepared food. Webster's Dictionary defines a diner as "a restaurant in the shape of a railroad car." The word "diner" is a derivative of "dining car" and diner designs reflected the styling that manufacturers borrowed from railroad dining cars. A diner is usually outfitted with a counter, stools and a food preparation or service area along the back wall. Decommissioned railroad passenger cars and trolleys were often converted into diners by those who could not afford to purchase a new diner"

Would you like to write something about this museum? Any similar one you may know?

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  1. Clara García Jiménez4/21/2009 05:09:00 pm

    Hi everyone!!
    I went to USA last october. We found a Diner at Miami Beach and it was exactly as the second pic of this entry. We loved it and went several times in our five-day stay. We ate great salads, enormous sandwiches and on sunday we took a wonderful brunch with benedict eggs and lots of coffee. However, cofee is much better in Spain than in the states.