Friday, December 26, 2008

The hottest hotels 2009 (the Times online)

What are the main features a good hotel need to have? Do you think most of the clients share the basic ones? What is a luxury hotel for you? Have a look at the following hotels rank proposed by The times On line and comment here you favourite ones by explaining why.

By the way... have you even stayed in any of the listed hotels? ;)

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  1. The main features that a good hotel need to have for me are the next:
    - At least 4 stars.
    - Located in the downtown.
    - Very clean.
    - Good restaurants.
    - A professional service.
    - Good service rooms.
    - A good spa.
    I think that the most of the clients sharing with me these features, a luxury hotel is for me a hotel that must have these features.
    Of the hotels rank proposed, I like the W Hotel, in Santiago (Chile), I like it because I love go to the beach and skiing. In this hotel could enjoy of both and, in addition, I could visit the city because it is situated from Plaza Peru, in the centre of town.

    Juan Pérez Costa.