Sunday, October 26, 2008


Halloween is round the corner, are you going to be a part of it?? Will you be a witch or a scarecrow? A black cat? Will you try Trick or Treat?
Carve a pumpkin? Listen:
Why do you think Halloween has become so popular in Spain?
Have you heard of Samain as well?
We are looking forward to reading your comments. Boo!


  1. By the way, and as a way of introducing Unit three... hare you very good idea to prepare the famouus pumpkin:

    Meanwhile. go on thinking on the questions asked by Lucía Borreguero, our very good La Coruña's tutor...;)

  2. Well Halloween is another party. Really, people like prties, everybody is laughing, drinking and dancing all the night.

    I love the music in a party, in Halloween too. Customes are a tradition but it are not important. I haven´t a custome but I´m going to enjoy that night, sure.

    See you