Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week task

Imagine that you are working in a travel agency in London and you have been paid to promote the Holy Week in Andalucía, Spain. One of your clients was very interested on knowing what's a "paso de Semana Santa". Have a look to this link to learn somevocabulary on this topic and answer this question using "commments" button. Try also to contextualize it by telling more things about this festivity in Spain.


  1. María José Mato4/02/2008 06:58:00 pm

    A "Paso de Semana Santa" is a popular religious celebration in the South of Spain during the Holy Week.

    "Paso" is the name given to the proccesion of religious images, at the same time of the floats where they are carried on.

    People under the name of bearers are the ones who have to transport the floats along the streets of Sevilla or Málaga, for example.

    Catholic people participate in this Pasos in order to remind the life and the death of Christ. In adition a lot of tourists go there because they want to see the ritual of this popular procesions.

  2. For me, Easter is a religious celebration of Andalucia.

    -A religious images are called "Pasos".
    -People carried on their shoulders the "pasos", these are popularly known as "costaleros".

    The Easter attracts national and international tourism.

    Seville is also known internationally for its fair April for its Easter.