Friday, February 01, 2008

Video instructions to build a sand castle

Unit 6 deals with cultural tourism and everything this implies. This video will let you learn and revise vocabulary related to the parts of a building in a very curious way... Watch it, and after that use the comments button to write the words you've learned thank to this video related to architecture.

By the way... did you like it? ;)


  1. María José Mato2/01/2008 05:23:00 pm

    Dear María:

    I really have a problem with my English listening skills...

    I had seen all the videos related to the instructions of how to build a sand castle but I couldn't understand all the words.

    At this moment I know how he built the sand castle. I had learnt some words like arch, crenelation, sharpen or staircase. In adition I discover that he needed a knife and to take the sun position into account.

    Did he speak about romanic windows?

    I'm starting to learn English and at the moment I think English people speaks too fast... ;o)

  2. Hi Mª José,

    Believe me. Your English is not so bad and your listening skills are perfect if we take into account that this person speaks really fast and you are beginning now with your English.

  3. all of the words you told could be perfectly accepted, though I don't remember now if all of them were mentioned in the speech. I will have a look.


  4. María José Mato2/01/2008 06:09:00 pm

    Thanks for your words María.

    They sound like a breath of fresh air at this moment...

    Have a nice weekend!

  5. Hello Maria!
    This man shows us how to make a sandcastle.For this task he explains the instruments used.Among these tools are:
    A knife and a knife-edge round,two large paddlefish,three shovels,a cube, a small paddlefish,a water gun...

    And for him use a sunscreem, and two knees.

    And to decorate the castle, using molds cookies, and a dragon who said it·s his friend.

    This is what I understood and in the video.

  6. Hi Isabel!


    mmm... ok. Any words useful for you related with unit 6?