Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is Europe a country?


  1. Amazing.
    Who is this pearl? This cannot be possible, I cannot believe there's someone so uneducated.

    I've heard about american educational level, but this is incredible.

    At least she knows France is a country, no matter where it is...

  2. Hi Jorge,

    Did you have any problem when posting this comment? Could you see the code ok?

  3. Marta Moral Alonso12/11/2007 12:55:00 am

    She didn't even know if France was a country or not, she had doubts!! The worst part of it is that, after saying "oh, I thought Europe was a country", she laughs!! She should be embarrased when she notices her unbelievable low cultural level, but instead of it, she finds it hilarious!

    I've always found it "funny" when, in different american movies or soap operas, someone says that somebody is "in Europe" or has gone on holidays "to Europe", as there's a huge differece from going to Italy, for example, than to Norway, but I could have never ever imagined there could exist a person from the so-called "first world" SO stupid to believe that Europe was a country itself. That lady should go immediately back to elementary school!

  4. I'm glad you liked it..;) By the way, remember using always capital letters with countries, languages, etc...

  5. It´s incredible, i believe that she is an actress because i don´t understand that she believe Europe is a country.
    For american people, Europe is synonimous of style..class..history..
    Sure, this girl knows ours best designers.For this, i believe that girl joked.
    But, it´s very funny.

  6. I'm not surprised. I think United States Citizens are not interested at all in the rest of the world, specially if the countries "or continents" are located far from USA.
    I'd advise her to study
    a little about everything,otherwise she wouldn't take part in a TV show.
    First, because she won't earn a lot of money. Secondly, she will make a fool of herself (a little more...?).

  7. Hi Maria:

    I have discovered now that this blog is opened this year too.

    I only would desire you happy Crhistmas.

    I hope you will have a good year.

    kisses and regards.

  8. Hi Esther!

    Yes, I decided it was much better if we went go with the same one. It could be richer and more interesting for the new students.

    Thanks for participating and happy Christmas to you too!

  9. The people tell me that United States Citizens are stupid but I don´t believe but when I see this video I believe.

    However,European Citizens want to be as them and sometimes we allow to make all things:war, invasion,....
    I think that the President must assign much money to education.

    So they have other things that are interested: N.Y, Manhattan,...
    Well, I hope Maria will be a goog year,
    Happy Christmas, kisses

  10. Hi Guada and the rest,

    Be careful with gerenalizing when using Internet. Some people could feel ofended.

    Thanks for your comments, anyway!

  11. At least the children know the answer and they laugh. I think that here, in Spain, we have the same types of pearls and with the current education maybe some day we'll get to be at the same level.