Saturday, November 17, 2007

Typical Spanish food.

Galician cuisine refers to the typical dishes and ingredients found in the cuisine of the Galicia, a region of Spain. These include shellfish, empanadas, polbo á feira (a dish made of octopus), the cheese queixo de tetilla, the ribeiro and albariño wines and orujo liquor.
Compared to the wide variety of food in the cuisines of France and India, for example, Galician cuisine could be considered to be fairly simple. In Galician cuisine, neither the cook or the recipe really matters; what is being served is the central part of the cuisine.
In Galicia, a wide variety of sea
products can be found in traditional dishes, due to the province's long shoreline
and traditional fishing economy. Agriculture products such as potatoes, maize and wheat are also a staple in the Galician diet, along with dairy and meat products from animals such as cows, sheep and pigs; Galicia's grasses and shrubs are green year-round and are excellent for grazing.

What other types of typical spanish food do you know? Please, could someone tell us about the mediterranean cuisine? Or tell us about the cuisine in your region. What about an exchange of recipes? It could be very interesting!


  1. wow... they look so tasty... more pictures like those, please!!

  2. I'm not agree about Galician cuisine is fairly simple, there are a lot of dishes, and consequently an incredible variety of recipies.

    I can talk about cuisine in Madrid, and with this wether, a "cocido" sounds great, even "callos" althoug I don't like them very much.
    Maybe "cocido" is our star, a bit heavy but delicious, whit its meat, carrot, chickpeas, ...
    Perfect for this season.

  3. Very good, Jorge. Just a few comments: The verb "agree" doesn't need the verb "to be" before, so if you agree with someone, you say:" I agree...". The plural of "recipe" is "recipes". "weather".

    Do you know a recipe? If someone knows one, please share it with us. You don't need to write lots of details, just a general idea.

  4. Thanks Ana, your comments are really appreciated.

    About the recipe, I must talk to my grandmother first, as I'm just the king of microwaves...

  5. Hi! When I was little boy, the fish was a terrible meal for me.
    Last year, I went to Galicia with my family and there, we tasted a lot of seafish. Mmmm! Lovely!!
    Now, I love fish. Greetings!

  6. Hello Boys and girls,

    How are you?

    I have to say you that two days ago I wrote my first receipe in English in all my life.
    There was very difficult for my beceause I have never writte one.

    My teacher Ana advice to me to write one and I made it.

    It took to me all the afternon but I want to make it and finally I`m happy for do it.

  7. Hi César,

    So it was difficult... then, where is the receipt? I would like to read it.

    Kind regards,

    María Jordano