Thursday, April 19, 2007

And more practice!!! The night of the books- 23 April- British Council

Luke Sutherland The Night of the Books
British Council. Madrid. 23 April 19.00h
The Night of the Books is an organised reading tour across the European cultural institutes in Madrid. In each institute there will be book readings by European authors around the theme of the writer as literary character. In a singular setting, each reading is given in the original language and in Spanish.
The British Council begins this round with readings by the British author, musician and songwriter Luke Sutherland whose works include Jelly Roll, Sweetmeat and Venus as a Boy. The work of this author, highly autobiographical in nature, touches on themes of unease and anguish within the context of social inclusion and integration. In A boy from the Islands, Luke Sutherland contrasts the ambivalence between his own deep sense of belonging to the land where he grew up – a black child raised in the Orkneys - and the impossibility of his integration due to his own perception of himself.


  1. I love reading and tha night of books seems a wonderful idea. It is a pity i can't go to the British Council because i sprained my knee. But i'll go to somewhere near my house

  2. jsoe carlos moreno gutierrez4/23/2007 11:50:00 pm

    I just hear that tonight is "The night of the books". I lives in Ronda and I´m very far to Madrid, so I cannot be there.
    The next year I hope to be in luck and, if I can, I´ll be there.