Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Have you ever been to Jaén?

Many of you will have been to Granada, Córdoba or Sevilla, but what about Jaén?

Jaén, a town in northern Andalucía deserves being visited. Look at its wonderful cathedral.

You can find more information about Jaén and its province in:

Jaén province

Now, why don't you write about Jaén? What did you see? What did you like most? Can you describe it?


  1. Yes, I am one of those who haven been to Jaen, because my father was born there, je,je,. It´s not a very fascinating city, but his castle and Parador offers a magnificent view of the city from the above. Most important and beautiful are other places around this city, like for example, Ubeda and Baeza, and of course if you like the nature, the National Park of Cazorla.

  2. I've never been in Jaen. I've always thinked it's nothing to see there but it's not true, i'm sure. But there are a lot of olives trees and i'm allergic, jejeje. Tell me things about Jaen, please

  3. Hi Elena!

    So, you've been always thought there is anything there to see, right? mmm... please, people from Jaen,try to encourage her to visit your town!!
    I am allergic to olive trees too, and I am from near Jaen! But no problem, you could take some vaccine and that's all,like me...


  4. I'm from Sevilla and I have been there few weeks ago in a professional visit and I think that are a city and a province very interesting. The city is appropiatte if you like the history and the art and the good food too because there are many restaurants where tasty meat can be eaten. About the province, is of course more wonderful. My favorite place is the Guadalquivir's born, situated in the National Park of Cazorla. Certainly, in all the province there are many olives trees but, if you chose a good season to go, you will be able to enjoy your time.