Friday, January 19, 2007

How to write recipes (Unit 3)

Since you could be asked to write an article/report about the gastronomy of the area you live, I thought I might be of your interest this website, a section from

I invite you also to write here more recipes about the town where you are living now...



  1. I can't write here, i don't have idea of cooking

  2. How to make a spanish omelette
    To prepare this typical dish you need the following ingredients: 6 medium-size potatoes, 4 eggs, 1 onion, oil and salt.
    First at all, peel potatoes and slice them. Put oil into a frying pan and pour potatoes out. Fry them and stirring from time to time until soft. Break eggs into a bowl and stir vigorously and when ready, mix with potatoes. In other frying pan put a little oil and pour mix out. Cook about 3 minutes stirring from time to time so that omelette don´t stick on the bottom. Use a large plate to turn over omelette, cook 2 minutes and this delicious dish is ready to eat it. Enjoy it!

  3. Great!
    Now try to promote the gastronomy of the area where you live! You could write a text for a leaflet...

  4. In the area where I live gastronomy is very important, I coud be said it is a way of living. The Basque Country gastronomy is well-known for their delicious “pintxos”, which you can try any bar you go. But, if you want to have meal in a restaurant, you will have so courses, that you won´t know what choose. Some suggestions are: cod “ a la vizcaína”, “marmitako” (tuna with potatoes), snails into a delicious sauce, “chuletón” (is a large veal cutlet, the largest you have never seen before). And what would be a good meal without a succulent dessert? You ask for “goxua”, that is a crunchy cake filled with a soft cream.
    Anyway, the best is coming and enjoy it. Came on! We are waiting for you.

  5. Very good!

    But, if you are writing a leaflet, would you begin the text by saying... "In the area where I live...". Imagine we are dealing with professional matters.

  6. Maybe, I could start with something like this:"Welcome to the Basque Country, gastronomy land, a way of living.
    The Basque Country gastronomy is well-known....."

    Changing of subject, Maria, it would be possible tell us any mistakes you find? I think it is very important to write and to write, but it would be interesting to know some mistakes. I know you are very busy, would be very nice of you.
    Bye. Isabel.