Thursday, October 05, 2006

Welcome to our writing blog for this course...



  1. Hi Maria:
    I have found the blog looking about the virtual course from the UNED. I am one of your students. You know, we have spoken about some problems with the calendar.
    I will try visit this blog ofently.
    kind regards

  2. I´m forgeting my engish writing I really need this course. ¿Where is it?

  3. Hi! as you said María, when I try to describe a city I found several problems because my vocabulary in this topic is not so big.
    When I went to Granada in 2001, it was not expressly for sightseeing but for a bachelor's farewell of a friend of mine.
    However, this city seemed to me one of the most beautiful all over the world.
    Its colors, marvellous streets and open minded people, made me to feel
    at home and I decided to keep there four days more.

  4. Hi Santiago,

    I know it is dificulto describe a city, in this case, a town. Very good anyway! You got it!Anybody from Granada? More things about this monument to explain?

  5. Hello María,
    That image show the precious Lions Patio in the city of Granada, whose construction come from the 8th century.

  6. Thank you for this useful blog.

    I'am posting this comment because of the erratum at the beginning:

    writting instead of writing

    Kind regards